Am I an Intentional Creator? Are you an Intentional Creator?

Hmmm…..I don’t know?…..What kind of question is that? you may wonder.

Intentional Creation is a way of taking a good assessment of your internal world and external world thought processes and then recognizing how you can better balance your thoughts by practicing proven principles. That may not be the official definition per the Og Mandino group ( but it’s something that describes the general concept that I feel is sufficient for this post.


It is my hope in the next few months to introduce more of my friends, colleagues, and new acquaintances to this life-changing concept. I think it may help the reader to go a little more in depth by explaining the 6 areas of thought by which a person can “intentionally create” or “not intentionally create” very effectively.


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1. CONNECTION (outer world):
Learn how to step into a person’s world, be safe and create a safe place. Take down walls of resistance and have natural, comfortable and authentic conversations.
2. MENTAL CREATION (inner world):
Learn how to identify and use your powerful gift of vivid visualization constructively to get a clear vision of possibilities that ignites passion and drives your actions. No more escape and avoid fantasies or dark dungeons of despair and discouragement.
3. PHYSICAL CREATION (outer world):
Learn how to let go of fear and procrastination. Learn how to take passion-driven action. Create without counting the costs or tracking the time. Get the fire back in your belly!
4. DISCIPLINED THINKING (outer world):
Learn how to willingly let go of resistance, resentment and rebellion and embrace the structure needed to create success. The pain is not in the change, it’s in the resistance to change.
5. JOY IN THE JOURNEY (inner world):
Learn how to own your unique clay—your natural strengths, talents and challenges—and create the most you can with what you have been given—and then be given even more.
6. SELF-ESTEEM (inner world):
Learn how to be real, genuine and authentic, comfortable in your own skin, confident in your ability, experiencing success, happiness and peace of mind.

So, if you are the kind of person who is really interested and serious at looking at their thoughts and want to get a better idea of exactly how you are balanced or not balanced in the 6 areas above, I would encourage you to go to I have created a PDF download that gives a quick tutorial of how to advance through the website. Take a look at If you liked your experience, please leave a comment.

In future posts, I hope to look at different sections of the Intentional Creation Assessment and provide some general commentary.

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