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RF Chapter Pic Sept 2015

Frankfort Chapter Members, September 9, 2015

Location: Frankfort, KY

Chapter Director: Clay Hardwick


Reasonable Faith Chapters have a Director, who is qualified through the Reasonable Faith Chapter application process.  

Local chapters seek to further Christian discipleship and spiritual growth with a large emphasis on Christian doctrine, philosophy, and apologetics.   Generally, most chapters are hosted by a local church where the Chapter Director may have the opportunity to teach a DEFENDERS class, do a DVD study, organize guest speakers and debates, or have book discussions. There is much flexibility in how a chapter schedules its activities. Support from Chapter members is needed to keep a chapter  alive and active. It is great to ask Chapter Directors how they have organized their chapter and how you can be a part of it. The effort to grow a Chapter can be challenging depending on the geographics, leadership, and participation of a local church. Please consider how you can pray, support, and participate in a Reasonable Faith chapter in your area. Contact your Chapter Director near your area to get a good overview of what is occurring in the Reasonable Faith Chapter.


Frankfort Chapter Focus: Presently, it has been the focus of the Frankfort Chapter to focus its activities around a bi-weekly email and book discussion. The bi-weekly email centers around transcript material from the DEFENDERS CLASS.  If you are interested to be included on the DEFENDERS class emails, please email me at  I can easily add your email to our existing list.  I send out the emails with some of my commentary on the transcript material from the DEFENDER’s class taught by Dr. Craig at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta, Georgia.  I do encourage people to participate and respond to the transcript material. I include my comments on each email and my comments are highlighted in yellow.  There is a lot of ignorance (me included!) when it comes to Bible doctrine.  By reading this email, every other week, you can sharpen your understanding of essential Christian doctrines which will better enable you to identify false doctrine and correct others who are misled (in a loving, respectful fashion, of course).  Questions and comments are highly encouraged, as they benefit all of us who receive the email.

The book discussion is commonly focused on an apologetics subject.  It has been scheduled with participants using  It is great to try to get together once a month with our members but our schedules do not always allow for this so doodle comes in handy.  The first book discussion series was on Dr. William Lane Craig’s book, On Guard.  The  Reasonable Faith and On Guard book are expected to be cornerstone books for our chapter and can always be discussed in any meeting that is scheduled.


Current book for study:

Recent Activity:

Mark, Trina, and I met on November 4th at Panera to have more discussion on GRAND CENTRAL QUESTION by Abdu Murray. We discussed pantheism and it’s weak points. “How to escape suffering” is a very central teaching of pantheism. Christians can benefit from grasping this concept and they can better engage Hindus, Buddhists, New Age, and Scientologists, to name a few—if they understand more about how pantheists understand suffering, pain, and desire.”

Our next meeting is tentatively planned for January 2016. When a date and time is settled, it will be posted. Anybody and everybody is welcome to come to these meetings. There is no requirement to have the book or have read the chapters. Fundamentally, the RF Chapter seeks topics that can further the understanding of our Christian worldview. Question, comments, and laughter are a common occurrence at these meetings! Please join us!


The core questions that Abdu Murray focuses much of the book material around are:

  1. What explains existence? Or, is there a God?
  2. Is there an objective purpose and value to human existence?
  3. What accounts for the human condition?
  4. Is there a better life or a salvation from our present state?


Upcoming activity:

Our next meeting will focus on

Meeting Location Details

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